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Mobile Product Development
Singleton specializes in Smartphone projects.

Our unique edge is our ability to devise a strategy for building a product with several different device platforms simultaneously.

This approach is based on our proprietary set of tools and methodology for identifying common modules and platform specific layers.

The company develops for the Android platform as well as for Symbian devices, BlackBerry, iPhone and Windows Phone.

We offer solutions in all areas and aspects of mobile R&D, including:
- Cient/Server communications over 3G, 4G networks.
- Complex user interfaces including OpenGL ES.
- Location based services, triangulation and GPS.
- Camera and video stream handling, image processing.
- SMS and MMS related applications.
- Business applications and mobile information systems.

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End to End Solutions

Singleton offers comprehensive product R&D solutions covering the range of available smartphone platforms as well as older 'feature phone' devices.

Our services include free of charge setup consulting, that is designed to assist customers in devising the best mobile R&D strategy given their user base, type of application and other needs or constraints.

This valuable consulting service helps our clients tune their R&D efforts to the right platforms and tools and saves a lot of time and money.

Singleton's expertise extends well beyond development of client applications only. Singleton has accumulated extensive experience in development of complete solutions based on high performance distributed servers, connectors to legacy systems and mobile client applications.

Singleton server side development expertise includes load balancing, redundancy, performance and stability.