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Server-side Systems

Singleton holds a unique expertise regarding server-side systems development and solutions and has been repeatedly seleced by prominent customers as industry expert in this field.

The company has been engaged to carry out highly complex projects that span multiple man-years for Israeli and global Telecom carriers, Telco equipment / software vendors and other customers.

Our server-related tools span most widely acceptable server platforms and include C/C++ over Linux, Unix and Windows hardware, Java/J2EE, .Net and various database platforms.

Singleton has successfuly and repeatedly cleared strict quality, performance, manageability, configurability and survivability test for telco-grade customers.

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Network Management
SNMP protocols
Management systems (EMS)
Performance management (OM and KPI analysis)
Auto discovery (IP networks)

Communication applications at ISUP level

Data extraction from network management layers (MTP layers)
IP Networking

TCP/IP networking: Implementation of RADIUS servers, integration with ELDAP and firewall servers

Routing protocols: BGP, IS-IS, RIP
Auto discovery

Deep knowledge of GSM and CDMA network architectures

Knowledge of 3G, UMTS and EVDO networks structure
Integration with SMSC and MMSC servers
WAP based software development
Diameter, Radius and IMS.
  The unique experience of Singleton staff with the telecom industry and the various telecom domains enable us to design optimal solutions for our customers while implementing models and algorithms which have been proven in the relevant networking domain.